I've been searching for good BBQ around Buffalo for a while, and being from Florida I'm used to that smoky, succulent, tender BBQ I grew up on. Needless to say my search has just missed the mark on places like: Dave's BBQ, Suzie Q's and Brickyard (Lewiston). But finally after stumbling on R&R, my perception of Buffalo BBQ has shifted. For me I judge BBQ on its meat and its sauce, all of the side items are like sprinkles on top of a cupcake, they just make the main feature look pretty. I'm becoming a big fan, so much I had it two days in a row.  Both times I had the pulled pork, I'm pretty partial to this BBQ beauty. The pork was delicious, nice and juicy and had a little spice blend that gave it a nice contrast from the smoky flavor. I also enjoyed some of their sides including: mac n cheese, baked beans, and fruit salad. I personally do not like vinegar based BBQ sauces, the Carolina style, R&R luckily does not serve that wet sauce, and stick to the ketchup based sauce. I really like their spicy BBQ, I've tried their original and sweet which are both great sauces, but the spicy gives the BBQ a little kick but is far from being spicy or too much to handle. Prices are not too bad. You definitely will not be disappointed.